I love to write as much as I love to stitch.  I'm passionate about instructions being clear and for everyone no matter how they learn. 
Whilst I had written magazine articles and my own blog for a while writing a book was a completely new challenge for me.  ensuring that it followed my values of accessibility, quality and attainability was key.
Search Press was an obvious choice for me as they are the main publisher of craft books in the UK.  They listened to me and embraced everything I wanted to convey.
The book is a great starting place for Bargello but also for colourwork in general.  The first part looks at colour and how it can change a pattern or design.
I'm proud that my book was published in 2020 and that it marked a turning point for the revival of Bargello stitching.  There are lots of kits, patterns and books around now that have taken the bargello bugle call and made it their own.
It's said that there is a book in everyone, this one is mine.  I'm not sure whether I will create another one but if I do I'll be sure to tell you!!
You can buy Modern Bargello here