Using a needle in projects

I work alone on solo shows and with other artists to bring stitch to their projects.  It is really exciting to work with others and help to create a beautiful result.  I am usually commissioned to bring my community stitch expertise to a project.

Here's what I have been using my needle for in 2022

Little Queens - Tereza Buskova

The project gave voice to female refugees and other expatriates who wish to express their identities within the intricate cultural context of their adopted home in the UK, bringing new colour, poetry and hope.  I worked on the stitch element of the canopy stitching with over 30 women in Smethwick.

Greetings From........ Quartermasters

Greetings from is a boat, one that represents the distance travelled between residents of the Commonwealth countries.  Housed at National Memorial Arboretum I worked on the project conception and fabric elements of the boat.

Creative Street - Bromsgrove

How would like to see your street?  What would make you visit more often? I was involved in the concept and stitched element of this project which saw over 70 people add their creative stitches to printed shop fronts in May and June 2022

I'm the lead artist at Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works CIC, for more of my stitch concepts please take a look at their website all stitch designs and concepts come me.