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I love the phrase “hold that thought”. Sometimes we use it when we have to attend to something like a pot boiling over. We want the conversation to continue but action is needed elsewhere. In really well led conversations of trust we can use the phrase to stop the flow and intervene. Ask that we all think more about what has been said, reflect a little.

I love to write things down that I need to refer to in the future, the future could be in two minutes time or way ahead. I can take action when needed but prefer to ponder a bit about the next move or the next pattern. I like a list, I like a memory, I like to stop and hold a thought.

These Thought Pockets can contain whatever you want. I use mine for note books full of drawings, jottings, food lists, peoples contacts and even my next project!
What we class as the work a day and of no real interest can be really important. Those notes could help you one day to talk to a loved one, to listen with understanding or to spark a conversation that brings even more ideas. 

Each Thought Pocket has a back story!!




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