What's all this then?

When I first set up Tina Francis Tapestry back in 2012 I was interested in the term home crafts and removing the word "just" from every woman's vocabluary.  This has not changed!  I still see so many women artists who do not see themselves as such because it's "just" something I do.

Since 2012 a lot of other things have changed though.  I've stitched with over 1500 people face to face, I've run workshops across the community and at large scale events like The Festival of Making.  I've written a book on Modern Bargello and been part of it's resurgence.  I've continued to create patterns and kits but not only in tapestry needlepoint.  So the name change brings a bit more of me, me, me to the brand but also means that there is one place to find me and what I'm doing whether it is retail or community led.

It's pretty exciting to be honest, I've taken a full step back and had help in finding what I really love about being a master crafts man, a retailer, an artist both in a gallery and in a community.

Massive thanks to Sister Minor and Lisa Barret Designs who have helped me so much more than providing me with a new logo!!!

Thanks for sticking with me!!










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