Happy New Year!!

First of all thanks so much for your support in 2021, it was a tough year for all of us I think.  Lots of good things happened of course and it was great to meet some of you at shows in the Autumn.
As you know I measure my days in inches not hours with pieces of work marking time for me.  I can look at piece of work and know exactly what I was listening to as I stitched.  I'm a great fan of talking books and for most of 2021 I listened to spy novels.  It was a departure for me but I really got into the world of double crossing as I cross stitched!
Time seems to have wings at the moment and whether it's the pandemic or me getting older I feel like I need to see a few more moons this year so I am working on some personal projects as well as the usual gallery work, kits and community projects.
The first project is looking at exhausting possibilities.  Each day I will stitch a 10 by 10 square on 10 count interlock canvas.  I'll be using four colours and my weave pattern and exhausting every colour combination throughout the year.  I'm pretty excited about this project because it is something that I have been thinking about for quite a while.  Here's what I have achieved in the first three days, drum roll please!!!
If you would like to join me on this stitch exhaustion (!) the pattern will be available to download in the shop at the weekend (I've got to do a week first to see whether I like it !).  There will be a £6 charge with £2 of each sale going to Macmillan in memory of my dear friend Sally McGill, a great potter and mark maker extraordinaire. 
My second personal project is also about time, each full moon I will be stitching guess what? yep a moon! I've got my diary marked up and whilst I haven't decided on the design yet it will be a repeatable pattern for sure.
I'll be trying to blog a lot more this year on subjects close to my heart as well as stitch inspiration and of course talking about all things stitch!

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