Getting out there locally

I'm really excited to be taking part in Yarningham this year.  

Yarningham?  What's that?  At it's essence it is a yarn show in Birmingham - see what they did there?!  But there's something a whole lot deeper about this show.

Yarningham is the only Black led yarn festival in the UK but it does not stop there with it's proudly different stance.  The team spans different ages, backgrounds and upbringings, so there is always and excitingly different but at the same time (if you are from Birmingham) familiar feel.  A visit to Yarningham is a visit to Birmingham and how if you walk along our high streets you see everyone there.

Last year the event like many others was online but with an added super twist.  Yarn and Stitch their first publication included many different designers (including yours truly) from across the globe.  All the makers were paid for their contributions, all the makers received a copy, all the makers were featured on social media and in other print publications.  Sounds normal?  Nope!  I've lost count of the times I have been invited to contribute without a fee attached for the good of exposure.  The publication is beautiful too.

This time South Asian Arts Collective will be bringing "Community Stitch Up".  A safe space for all to learn a new skill, finesse what you already have or meet up with like minded people and just breathe.

Birmingham is home to the Commonwealth Games this year so in the spirit of joining in Yarningham will be presenting their own Triathlon.  Knitted Pet Agility, Knitted arrow toss and knitted fruit and spoon race!  Yep it's different alright.  Hoping the weather is fine because the smell of damp knitted dog can only be imagined at this point.

So I'll be exhibiting upstairs ( don't worry there is a lift, it's a different type of festival remember) in the Butterleigh room.  I will be joined by Jeanette Sloan, Illuminating Weaves and Moorit Magazine.  It's a pretty powerful room of people!! 

I'll have a lot of designs on display including my new Thought Pockets range.  I'll be selling a few kits but not many as I'd rather have a beautiful display.  It's the first time that Designer Makers have been included in their own space, so I want to try and do it differently too!

Hope to see you there!!!



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