Been thinking about thinking

"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket" so the song goes.  I've been thinking a lot lately about memory and how we choose what we want to save. 

I love a list and I love a note book, I've always got one on the go.  I use my notebook to record meetings, ideas, conversations, reminders and everything in between.  I'm always misplacing it and then panicking that I will not be able to remember what I am meant to be doing if I cannot retrieve it.  I've tried the electronic way but I find the barrier of a device a bit disruptive to my train of thought.  So a write things down person I am.

There's currency in our thoughts, they belong to us and we can use them to create great things.  I've started to think that I need to take more care of mine, give them a little bit more time.  I love the phrase "lets hold that" be it a thought or an impending action.  I find taking a step back to think for short while helps to organise what I need to to do.  It can be pretty infuriating for people who are "think and do" who thrive on the immediate.  I'm all for that in it's place for example if it is an emergency or if it is picking whether to have chips or rice (thank goodness we can get half and half in this city!).

So taking a bit more time to write things down and reflect has made me look at my own kits and how I would like to have some of my work around me on the day to day.  Something that reminds me that alongside all the other strands of being Tina Francis I am at heart a tapestry stitcher and maker.

My new range is called Thought Pockets, small pouches with a stitched front.  The stitching comes in the form of needlepoint, bargello, scotch stitch and noreweave so theres something for everyone.  They are 9 inches by 6 inches (I'm using inches here because that is how the count of interlock fabric works) and will be launched at Yarningham on 9th and 10th July.  Some kits will have hand dyed yarn, others will have good old Anchor.

There will be options (of course), full kit which will include the fabric to turn your stitching into a pouch, kit front which will include the instructions to create the pouch but you use your own fabric and finally pattern only.

It's taken a long time for me to get back to my own work this year so I really hope you like them.

Check my insta feed for the full reveal on 9th July!!!! There's some images of two of the patterns in this blog!

Thanks for reading and I'd be really interested to know where you store your thoughts!!




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